Ardelis Award​

Would you like $500 to use in your private practice?

Now that we have your attention, we suggest you consider joining the IPPP.

  • We are the longest standing association solely representing the interests of psychologists in private practice in South Australia.
  • The IPPP works collaboratively with the APS to negotiate fees and conditions for psychologists providing services within the workers compensation (RTWSA) and Third Party systems.
  • We provide collegiate support, social interaction and professional development opportunities.

And if that’s not enough, how would you like the opportunity to receive $500 to use for any reasonable private practice purchase?

The IPPP Ardelis Award has been set up to support financial members of the IPPP. Each year, the IPPP will award up to ten (10) grants, of $500 each, to our members who submit a simple application, for consideration by their peer members. Who amongst us wouldn’t like to have $500 to put towards the purchase of psychometric tests, books, attendance at a conference, or a piece of equipment? Find details about eligibility and how to apply in the members’ section.

For Further Information

IPPP Ardelis Award Explanatory

IPPP Ardelis Award Application Form