About IPPP

The Institute of Private Practising Psychologists has been representing privately practising psychologists in South Australia since 1981.

The IPPP has been a peak body of private practitioners in SA but is now extending its representation to private practitioners throughout Australia.

There are several associations providing good support for psychologists in Australia. The IPPP has a focus on supporting psychologist in private practice with the practical realities of being in business. As such we are not in competition with other associations but more complementary. We invite all with an interest in the private practice of psychology to engage with us with the appropriate type of membership.


The founding president of the IPPP, Eugene Alfred (Gene) Whitford (1918-1997), was the first psychologist in private practice in the state and was the main driving force in the establishment of many key psychology organisations in South Australia and Nationally. These included The Australian Psychological Society and The Psychologists’ Council of South Australia.


The aims of the Association, named as the “Institute of Private Practising Psychologists” include:

  1. To represent, in a range of fora, the interests of psychologists in private practice.
  2. To ensure a high standard of service delivery to the community by promoting and maintain high standards of professional ethics and practice amongst our members.
  3. To maintain and enhance the standing of psychology in the community.
  4. To advocate for the psychological interests of the community.
  5. To influence the direction and development of the psychology profession in Australia.


Since its beginning, the Institute has been the peak private practice organisation of psychologists in South Australia.

The Institute has been involved in many strategies and initiatives on behalf of the members and the private practice profession. These included the following:

  1. Negotiating private health fund rebates. South Australia was only the second state to obtain private health rebates in 1982.
  2. Development and maintenance of the First National Schedule of Fees and Services in 1985. This schedule has formed the basis of other national schedules and is used as the basis for the Gazetted Psychology Fees and Services by Workcover SA.
  3. Increased Fee Rebates and Improved Schedule of Services for Psychologists and the IPPP contributed to the development of TREAT support resource for clinicians with RTWSA clients.
  4. Negotiating Psycho-legal Schedule and Recommendations
  5. Development of agreed Best Practice Guidelines and competencies. IPPP has been extensively involved in the provision of training and continuing education of private practitioners in South Australia
  6. Liaison with government and private industry bodies on issues such as Medicare and Rural Health.