Crisis/Helpline Emergency contact numbers SA only

   For a copy of the IPPP Constitution click on this link:    docxIPPP_Constitution_V4_3-10-2013

file icon pdf 2012-13 Workcover Fee Schedule Reference Fee: $164.20

pdfComcare_Fee_Schedule_2012  Reference Fee: $218.00

pdfAPS_Recommended_Fees_2012-2013 APS Reference Fee for 2012-2013: $222.00

Health Information, information on psychological issues- A federal government initiative

Healthy SA – Health information and links site in SA
ABC Health Matters
Links to Health and Medical Services

file icon pdf·GP Mental Health Plan
Old file icon pdf·GP Division Overview
file icon pdf·GP Mental health checklist
file icon pdf·GP Flow Chart
file icon pdf·GP Info re Psychology Fee Services


file icon pdf·Item Numbers Mental Health

file icon pdf·Explanation re: Item Numbers

General information

Old EPCare file icon pdf Plan file icon pdf·Info

file icon pdf·APS Application for assessment of Eligibility (as a Clinical Psychologist with 4 year Qualification)

Department of Veterans Affairs Information:

DVA Psychology Providers, Fee Schedule page      Reference fee for 2012-2013: $124.65

PTSD Information

Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Adults with Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Evidence Based Guidelines Acute Pain NHMRC

To view / download a copy of the listed Practitioner Resource Documents please click on the appropriate link :
file icon pdf·Therapeutic Contract (PDF file: 5 pages)
file icon pdf·Self Care Checklist (PDF file: 5 pages)
file icon pdf·IASP Pain Terms and Definitions (PDF file: 1 page)

Treat website: Treatment resources for managing work injured clients;

Professional indemnity: 2007-2008
Guardian Insurance link
file icon pdf·Insurance House information,
file icon pdf·Proposal

Clinical treatment framework Workcover (Vic)

Psychology Private Australia Inc

Affiliated Organisations

Other SA Organisations

Health funds, Workcover, Comcare, Medicare Initiatives

Workcover SA

Workcover Fee Schedule

Department of Veterans Affairs Psychology Providers, Fee Schedule page

Anxiety and Depression: Information, treatment manuals online tests from CRUFAD

PTSD Information from the ACPTMH


Legal & Ethical

file icon pdf·Mental Health Act SA 2009

file icon pdf·Carers Recognition Act SA 2005

file icon pdf·1 sa psych board code of professional conduct 2004.pdf

file icon pdf·2 current National Guidelines 2004.pdf

file icon pdf·SA Psych Board Professional Code of Conduct 2004

file icon pdf·3.1 IPPP PSYCHO-LEGAL agreement 2001 .pdf

file icon pdf·3.2 IPPP Record Keeping General Guidelines.pdf

file icon pdf·5 IPPP Constitution and ethics.pdf

file icon pdf·FamilyLawRules2004 15.5.4-15.5.6.pdf

Health and Community Services Complaints Bill (2004)