November 2007: 35 members of IPPP have attained membership status of “Fellow” by successfully completing the Peer Reviewed Competency Assessment. Each received a certificate at a Ceremony attended by the Shadow MInister of Mental Health, SA Psychology Board, Medicare, Divisions of General Practice, WorkCover.

Background to IPPP Competency units

The Competency Evaluation Package has been developed by the Institute of Private Practising Psychologists to cover work in all modalities of the clinical practice of psychology within private practice.

What are competency standards?

The philosophy behind the development of competency standards in Australia is that the professionals and industry develop and own these standards. The competency standards are an explicit public statement of what the profession does, something that has not been generally available publicly. It represents a clear statement of what is considered to be important in competent performance in private clinical practice of psychology. The professional competency standards must allow for the diversity that is proper to the practice of the profession.

50 IPPP Members have now completed the training and evaluation process.

Core competencies are as follows :

  1. Establishment and Maintenance of Professional and Business Networks
  2. Managing Delivery of Quality Professional Service
  3. Management of Financial Resources and Obligations
  4. Client Assessment
  5. Treatment & intervention
  6. Reporting
  7. Record Keeping
  8. Legal requirements and Ethical Considerations
  9. Psychologist’s Personal Functioning
  10. Professional Performance, Continuing Education
  11. Supervision and Mentoring
  12. Training
  13. Working in the Compensation Arena


To view / download a copy of the IPPP Guidebook to Competencies please click on the following link :
 – IPPP Guidebook to Competencies – Introduction only (PDF file: 2 pages)
 – IPPP Guidebook to Competencies – Full Version (PDF file)

To view / download a copy of the IPPP Core Competencies Completion Checklist please click on the following link :
 –  IPPP Core Competencies Completion Checklist (PDF file: 18 pages)

Accreditation in General Practice website: An example of an existing Competency assessment scheme. Links to information sheets in word format, and a extensive alphabetically ordered links to various government regulations, are available to QIP/AGPAL members.

Competency Assessment Committee

To view / download a copy of Committee Members please click on the following link :
 – Committee Members 2005 (PDF file: 1 page)