Psychological tests

ACER Psychological tests catalogue

Psych Corp tests (Harcourt,Brace)

Assessment process: Basic framework (PDF file: 1 page)

Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale (PDF file: 1 page)

Chronic Pain Grading Scale (PDF file: 1 page)

DAPOS (PDF file: 1 page) … incomplete

DASS (PDF file: 1 page)

Foa Trauma Screener (PDF file: 1 page)

ACER Psychological tests catalogue … OLD

Psych Corp tests (Harcourt,Brace) … OLD

Free online chronic pain and functional disability tests; (including Oswestry, Quebec Back Pain Disability, Whiplash Disability Questionnaires) …dead link


General assessment:

·Mental status examination form



Hospital Anxiety and depression (HADS) test
Client Information on depression- handout


Pain assessment:

Oswestry questionnaire
Orebro screening questionnaire , scoring
Drum assessment questionnaire, scoring
Fear avoidance questionnaire,
Tampa ·questionnaire
MPI questionnaire, scoring & info

Pain Red Flags & Waddell Signs Powerpoint


  • Stress Trauma

Impact of Events Scale test review evidence